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#22.3.3 Mi

#22.3.3 Mi

The base of the artworks are made of plant-based material PLA. PLA is a biodegradable material made from lactic acid from starchy plants, such as corn, sugar beet, cassava, grain and sugar cane. The surface is finished with sand texture and eco-paint. Every model has a Certificate of Authenticity with a unique number. 

Natural materials are prone to external conditions.

Therefore protect this piece from exposure to extreme sunlight and heated surfaces like a fireplace where the temperature can rise above 45 degrees celsius. 

Color artwork in image: Cubist

Time per size until shipping

• 20 x 20 cm – 2-3 weeks
• 30 x 30 cm – 2-3 weeks
• 40 x 40 cm – 2-3 weeks
• 50 x 50 cm – 2-3 weeks
• 60 x 60 cm – 3-4 weeks

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