Edith Beurskens is a multidisciplinary designer with an eye for aesthetics. From an early age she was already experimenting with the possibilities of combining different materials in handcrafts. An education and career in fashion, graphic design and interior has influenced her to combine several techniques. Edith discovered 3D printing when she started decorating her own new house. Her need for practical solutions during the construction process led her to use the medium 3D printing in a creative way. The possibilities of 3D printing inspired her to create wall art for her own home. It didn’t stop with one design, nowadays she makes countless minimalist shapes that feel like three-dimensional puzzles. The 3D art is made from plant material PLA and hand painted in earthy tones. The structure and depth of the 3D works give an extra dimension to the space. During the day, the incidence of light changes, making it seem as if the artwork and the space are alive. Besides the 3D artworks, she is working with other natural materials as well. The eye has to travel and inspire! 

Edith Beurskens