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Inspired by interior, natural materials and aesthetic design, Edith Beurskens designed a range of graphical 3d shapes. The base of the artworks are made of plant-based material PLA. PLA is a biodegradable material made from plant starch such as corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. When transformed into a filament it’s flexible to shape into any type of form. The surface is plastered and painted by hand, making every model slightly different and unique. Every model has a number and is available in a limited amount per shape. Natural materials are prone to external conditions. Therefore protect this piece from exposure to extreme sunlight and heated surfaces like a fireplace where the temperature can rise above 45 degrees celsius.

30 x 21 cm – € 170 incl 21% vat (2 to 3 weeks before shipping)
50 x 35 cm – € 375 incl 21% vat (3 to 4 weeks before shipping)
70 x 50 cm – € 590 incl 21% vat (4 to 5 weeks before shipping)
85 x 60 cm – back in September
70 x 100 cm – back in September

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